Terms and Conditions

  1. The Tenant shall be entitled to occupy the property for holiday purposes only and this agreement shall not confer on the tenant any security of tenure within the terms of the Housing Act 1988 pursuant to which the occupation shall be deemed to be by way of excluded tenancy.
  2. The Tenant will:

-          Pay the rent at the times and in the manner agreed.  All payments are non-refundable.

-          Park in the allocated space for the house.

-          Keep the interior of the Property in a good, clean and tenantable state and condition and not damage or injure the     Property or any part of it.

-          Yield the Property at the end of the term in the same clean state and condition it was in at the beginning of the Term.

-          Maintain at the Property and keep in a good and clean condition all of the contents of the Property as listed on the Inventory provided at the time of booking and to replace, repair or cleanse and item(s) which become broken or damaged during the term.

-          Not make any alteration or addition to the Property nor to do any redecoration or painting of the Property.

-          Not do or omit to do anything on or at the Property which may be or become a nuisance or annoyance to any other occupiers of the property or owners or occupiers of adjoining or nearby premises or which may in any way prejudice the insurance of the Property or cause an increase in premium payable thereon.

-          Not to use or occupy the property in any way whatsoever other than as a private holiday residence for a maximum of 6 persons.

-          Not to assign, sublet, charge or part with or share possession of occupation of the Property or any part thereof.

-          Not smoke in the Property or bring any Pets.

-          Allow the Landlord or anyone with the Landlord’s written permission to enter the property at reasonable times of the day to inspect its condition and state of repair, and carry out the necessary repairs and gas inspections, provided the landlord has given reasonable prior notice (except in an emergency).

-          Provided to the Landlord a forwarding address when the tenancy comes to an end and remove / take care of all rubbish and all personal items from the property before leaving.

  1. Subject to the Tenant paying the rent and performing his/her obligations under this agreement the Tenant may peaceable hold and enjoy the property during the term without interruption from the Landlord or any person rightfully claiming under or in trust for the Landlord.
  2. The Landlord will insure the property and make a copy of the insurance policy available to the Tenant.
  3. The Deposit

-          The Deposit will be held by the Landlord and will be refunded to the Tenant at the end of the Term (however it ends) at the forwarding address provided to the landlord but less any reasonable deductions properly made by the landlord to cover any reasonable costs incurred or losses caused to him by any breaches of the obligations in this agreement by the Tenant.  No interest will be payable to the Tenant in respect of the deposit money.

-          The Deposit shall be payable to the Tenant as soon as reasonable practicable, however the Landlord shall not be bound to return the Deposit until after he has had the reasonable opportunity to assess the reasonable cost of any repairs required as a result of any breaches  of the Tenant’s obligations.  However the Landlord, shall not, save in exceptional circumstances retain the Deposit for more than one month after the end of the Tenancy.

  1. The Landlord hereby notifies the Tenant under Section 48 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1987 that any notices (including notices in proceedings) should be served upon the Landlord at the address stated with the name of the landlord overleaf.
  2. In the event of damage to or destruction of the Property by any of the risks insured against by the Landlord the Tenant shall be relieved from payment of the Rent to the extent that the Tenant’s use and enjoyment of the property is thereby prevented and from the performance of its obligations as to the state and condition of the Property to the extent of and so long as there prevails such damage or destruction (except to the extent that the insurance is prejudiced by any act or default by the Tenant).


If for any reason outside of the landlord’s control that the property becomes unavailable, the booking fee will be returned in full and there will be no liability on the landlord for any additional costs incurred.